Interesting Facts About J.K. Rowling

Despite the many challenges in her life, J.K Rowling’s found success in her life. The harry potter series is what is making her life a true success story from “rags to riches”. She is among the wealthiest women in the world and UK’s best-selling author. It is very hard not to be obsessed with J.K Rowling.Below are some of the interesting facts about the life of J.K Rowling’s:•


Life-inspired characters

The character Hermione is a reflection of herself when she was young. Rowling has admitted this on various occasions. Like the character, she was studious and obsessed with books. There was also the urge to succeed that was pushing her all her life.The other characters include [Harry] who was a mischievous boy, [Snape] a feared teacher, and [Hagrid] a hells angel she had met earlier.


  • Battling depression


Rowling’s daughter was born 2 years after her mother’s death. The girl Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes lives with her mother after her mother divorced her father. Rowling’s husband was violent and this was one of the reasons for divorce.After divorce, life became hard, as Rowling could not secure another job. At the same time, she had clinical depression. The Dementors in her stories are inspired by her mental illness. She also spoke about quitting smoking cold turkey is what worked for her. 


  • Turned pain into art


No one has been more open about her past like Rowling has. All the painful experiences in her past act as fuel that drives her in her work. She says that Harry potter represents all the loss in her life. She once told the Telegraph that her books are mostly about death. Rowling goes further to say that everyone is frightened of death and tries to do everything to avoid it.


  • She is from a small town


J.K.Rowling’s was brought up on the border of Wales and England. From an early age, she knew she would be a writer. She wrote her first book about a rabbit called rabbit when she was 6 years old. Her mother was so proud of her and encouraged her to continue writing. Nonetheless, her teenage life was hard and there were many family difficulties. Her mother was suffering from multiple sclerosis for a very long time. Her mother died when she was 25 years, and had already started work on the harry potter series even though her mum knew nothing about it.


  • She does not give up


Rowling has been writing despite all the hardships in her life. When she was done writing and was looking for a publisher, she faced even more rejection. Many of the publishers thought her work was not up to par. After a long search, a publisher Bloomsbury based in London said yes. The publisher told her to change her name so that it was more masculine.


By doing this, it would be more appealing to the young male readers. Soon, the book was a bestseller around the world. It sold more than 450 million copies worldwide. Through the sale of her books, Rowling’s is now among the richest women on earth with a worth of nearly $ 1 billion dollars.